After serving to our overseas customers for decades through our traditional offerings and conventional marketing we now bring the same assurance of quality and service to Domestic Market.

A day will come when there will be no battlefields, but markets opening to commerce and minds opening to ideas. "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." –Victor Hugo

Yes we believe in an idea whose time has come. Our idea was born out of a perplexing question of as to why is that quality products are not affordable? Why is that Brands walk away with the lion's share of the market? Have you ever asked yourselves where the Advertisement industry gets its millions from? Also the costing factor and the dynamics of the price tag. This is the million dollar question?

Like they say necessity is the mother of invention. This is where we at Corptee Apparel have set out to make a difference, a significant difference.

Style is the ultimate refinement of a cultivated mind. Quality forms the core value of style. Armed with these two mantras a confluence of likeminded individuals resulted in giving form to the idea to provide world class garments and offer it at the most competitive price.

Corptee was born out of the powerful idea to provide Garments of the highest quality at affordable price.

Intention is the essence of communication

Our intention is to break the Myth that

  • Good quality comes with a high price tag.
  • Quality can be provided by Big Brands.
  • After sale service is associated with big names in the industry.

The Task

We have set out and have made our intentions loud and clear "Great Quality is affordable" and your inevitable how?? Is answered in the following lines

  • Nil Overheads
  • We use the infrastructure of our Primary Export unit without any cost.
  • In house design team and fabricators
  • No retail or wholesale outlets
  • No agents
  • No advertisement
  • No inventory of finished goods
  • No middleman at any level of the business

The People

At the heart of this venture is our promise to give you the best of fashion. Quality is the ingredient which is ingrained in the process chain right from sourcing to delivery. This is evidenced by the fact the world's best brands source their merchandise from our happening city of Tirupur. Our maxim is' Quality is Affordable'. Our penchant or should we say a love affair with quality is only the beginning...just wait for the bigger picture to emerge we are in the process of introducing the same to all aspects of lifestyle products which will change the way we live.

Simple living and high thinking' is out of fashions' now it is High thinking and great lifestyle.

Our team is Young and vibrant full of vim and vigor for us every weft and weaves matters and to knit and gel as a team to provide wonderful garments at a affordable cost. We think therefore we are …….


Ashok kumar

A product of PSG college of Arts & Science loves biking and is an incurable romantic so much so has named his latest Yamaha roadster 'November Rain'. Has 9 years experience in Garment manufacturing, merchandising and fashion designing. Working his way up from the grass root level has been instrumental in executing orders for many famed labels.

All set to break barriers and to set new benchmark in Quality garments without losing focus on the Mantra 'Quality is affordable' Ashok is driven by passion to break the myth.

He believes in' Making a Difference' to lifestyle of the common man and says The fashion scenario in India is in for Exciting times.

Alex Ruban

He is the man behind the Product. He tackles people with his smile, Never say 'NO' attitude. Major factor in delivering products ONTIME every time!

An indefatigable go - getter constantly on the move to seek better options in procuring the essentials. He reminisce that Garments will never go out of fashion also adds that one should constantly reinvent the Wheel.

He believes in giving back to the society and will go that extra mile just to do it. Both Ashok and Alex do not believe in fancy titles and trappings. For them life is to Make a Difference to their vendors, employees, friends and to the end user of their products. The rest of the team compliments the zeal of the founders by executing orders to perfection with pride.