we are Corportate

After serving to our overseas customers for decades through our traditional offerings and conventional marketing we now bring the same assurance of quality and service to Domestic Market.

Style is the ultimate refinement of a cultivated mind. Quality forms the core value of style. Armed with these two mantras a confluence of likeminded individuals resulted in giving form to the idea to provide world class garments and offer it at the most competitive price.

Corptee was born out of the powerful idea to provide Garments of the highest quality at affordable price.

Ashok kumar

Founder & CEO

our features

Design & Deliver

In house design team and fabricators

Domestic Support

We use the infrastructure of our Primary Export unit without any cost.

We break the Myth

Good quality comes with a high price tag.


We majorly concentrate on the domestic customers to supply T-shirt, Woven Shirt, Formel Trousers, Blazer, Caps & Accessories